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Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera

Dec 19, 2022

As a believer in Christ Jesus, you are already seated in heavenly places far above all powers of darkness. Learn how you can prevail in spiritual battles today! This thought-provoking episode with an ordained minister in the Four-Square Church and author of Victorious Spiritual Warfare, Maureen Broderson, will help you recognize the nature and background of the struggle between God and Satan. Listen as Maureen describes how she battles in her walk of faith and where and how she achieves triumph.

"So, the enemy will masquerade himself. The word tells us, he comes pretending he's a sheep, or he comes as a roaring lion." -Maureen Broderson.

Listen as Maureen gives us a realistic and genuine Biblical response to help us fight from a position of victory Christ secured at Calvary rather than merely fighting for victory, and listen to the end for a profound prayer.


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Victorious Spiritual Warfare: So Simple, Grandma Can Do It,

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